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    Les Paul Forum Member MeHereNow's Avatar
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    Aug 2009

    Tubescreamer history

    Just found and watched this great video about the great little green stomper.

    Get my money, buy my medicine...

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    Les Paul Forum Member J T's Avatar
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    Oct 2005

    Re: Tubescreamer history

    Analogman did a pretty good write up of them in his book "Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects"
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    The farther you go, the closer you are.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Feb 2002

    Re: Tubescreamer history

    Love 5 watt World....

    Also Josh from JHS pedals has a history of the tube screamer as well. As a Blues driver fanatic oh, I took a dive and bought a bonsai not too far back. I have to say that I'm not as big a fan of using a tube screamer with humbuckers as I am with the blues driver. For me, the magic happens when I'm playing a strat type guitar for the tube screamer going into a Fender amp.
    I've noticed that my amps are alot like my kitchen blender: They do their best work when set to "liquefy".....

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    Re: Tubescreamer history

    I own #37 on analog mikes list and his description is dead on.
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    Re: Tubescreamer history

    Decisions, decisions. Too much stuff is happening in the overdrive world. There are several competing OD808's including the 40th Anniversary model (V2) as well as designs/mods by Tomura (Apex 808), Keeley, Earthquaker, and Pigtronix. Each one costs $199, with the exception of the Apex 808 which costs a whopping $300. Sure, they're cheaper than an original Ibanez TS808 on ebay, but who has a boatload of money to buy one of each? There is also a time factor involving limited edition production cycles. At the same time, one of the OD pedals mentioned in the video is the one featured on Joe B's store:

    I'm ordering that to get Bonamassa's autograph.
    I hate being forced into overdrive shopping mode.

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