Hi All,

I'm new in this forum as bought my first LP recently. It is a white burst signature T, and the very first time i had it in my hands I new i wanted to re-wire it to the Jimmy Page mod, to get those parallel/series and out of phase sounds.

I had never wired a guitar before, but following a youtube tutorial I managed to get the guitar sounding, without noise and it seems that is totally working, all the phase switching and the series/parallel options. The tutorial is from "Breja Tone Works", I chose it because had the 50s wiring incorporated (if it is the capacitors location), and the question I have is about the 50s wiring. Wit russian pio 0.022 and 0.015 micro farads.

In general, I found the sound with more "top end" (english is not my first languaje sorry if the terminology is not accurate), i mean the highs are louder and the lows are almost the same, the result is like a "middle-lost"... does it make sense? Since the mod could not add more highs, I am thinking that I lost some middle range... Also i changed the strings, maybe could it be that?

When i use the controls, i don't get any similar to what is said here in this forum, theoretically the tone should become more bright if I leave the tone at 4/5 and lower the volume.

When i have the volumen at 10, it seems ok. If i put the tone at 4 and lower the volume, the sound lose the "highs" very quick, with the tone at 0 the result is like playing inside a swimming pool...

When i leave the tone knob at 10 and lower the volume the result is great, no treble lost, but with that "middle-lost" the result is a "slim" sound, no strong, maybe is because the wiring itself or I did something wrong...

Has this happened to anyone? ANyone has tried the jimmy page mod with 50s wiring and didn't lose the middle range?