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    practice amp - my only amp question for the wise

    Hi everybody,
    I am about to purchase my first real amplifier after a playing layoff of 25 years due to illness.
    I have always loved the Marshall sound and I have always loved the mesa boogie sound. (and im sure many others I wasnt aware of).

    At this point I am getting back into playing and I would like to get real and buy a valve amplifier.

    At present I have boiled it down to either the Marshall DSL5w, which has a switch to reduce it to 1w for bedroom playing and the Blackstar HT5RCMK2 which also has a switch to reduce it for bedroom playing.

    At this stage the amp will only be used for home use - but one day might find its way into a garage jam.

    I actually quite like the blackstar for its wider range of tones however I am wondering if i would be settling for something thats not either the true marshall sound and not the true mesa boogie sound?
    So my question here, for the wiser and more experienced than myself is - Does the blackstar hold its own in terms of sound quality - OR is it more of a substandard copy of a marshall in american mode and a sunstanbdard copy of a mesa in british mode?

    I have small children and am on a low income which means - I only get to buy one Amp.
    Thanks any and all for any advice

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Oct 2006
    SW Virginia

    Re: practice amp - my only amp question for the wise

    Were I in your shoes knowing what I do now, I would go the headphone route with a good amp modeler, either hardware or software.

    Yes, practicing and playing at home in headphone is not the same as playing a great tube amp, but IMHO neither is a tiny amp turned way down. I'd rather have great tones in headphones at an immersive volume level where I can feel the music, than be worrying about waking up the house or intruding on anyone else's ambiance.

    When funds allow, buy a great tube amp with some power to play out and jam with friends. But until then, buy for practice, not compromise.
    2007 CR8
    2000 Elegant
    1953 J50

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    Re: practice amp - my only amp question for the wise

    Yes, I can see the sense in that.
    Its one of the reasons I am leaning toward the blackstar as it has a headphone jack and models its sounds reasonably (so the shop assistant told me).
    My two children are 8 and 11 and I would like to immerse them in music, they have a guitar and there is a piano in the house etc.
    So I would like an amp that can be played at low levels where we can all join in at times.
    We have a donwstairs area which I could eventually soundproof to a degree.
    Mum also plays guitar so its only the neighbours...

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