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    Is this "Patend Applied For" Pickup real or fake?

    Hey guys!
    I just bought a used Epiphone Sheraton from the 90s which had its pickups swapped. The bridge pickup was unlabeled on the front so I checked the back and found a "Patend Applied For" sticker there. I was very suspicious as to whether or not this pickup was a real Gibson pickup at all, let alone an old one with an authentic decal. I read some articles and FAQs, but I simply do not have enough knowledge about these pickups - but you guys have! ;) Could you give me some hints about what this pickup is or maybe even confirm it is fake from just the pictures? Sorry about the bad picture quality, it does not show the clear edge around the black decal that well.

    Many greetings from Germany and have a happy new year!
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    Les Paul Forum Member ScumbackSpeakers's Avatar
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    Re: Is this "Patend Applied For" Pickup real or fake?

    There is a PAF identification thread on the LPF forum which has a lot of pics and info to help verify a pickup. Do a search for it and it should help you out.

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    Re: Is this "Patend Applied For" Pickup real or fake?

    This is not a genuine PAF. In other words, it’s a fake.

    Giveaways: (everything)
    The sticker is wrong (letters to big and clear).
    No L tool marks on the feet.
    The tops of the plastic bobbins are too smooth.
    There are many more things that are very very wrong.

    However, it might be a five sounding pickup. It looks like it could be a Gibson ‘57 Classic which is a great sounding humbucker.

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    Re: Is this "Patend Applied For" Pickup real or fake?

    Well, that's what I thought! :-D But thanks for the fast clarification, I did not want to put in on eBay or something not knowing for sure what it was. Is there any way I can verify if it's a real Gibson pickup, at least? I will plug the guitar into a good amp next time I get a chance.

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