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    LP Tribute's Fretboard Color

    I've been shopping around for LP Tributes in Goldtop finish. I have noticed that some fretboards are a light/medium brown and some are a very dark brown. Anyone here know why that is? I really do prefer the dark brown, almost espresso color. Does it have to do with the year it was built maybe?


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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
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    Re: LP Tribute's Fretboard Color

    It's wood. This wood, like many, naturally shows a wide range of color. That's all.
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    Les Paul Forum Member Musicman's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
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    Re: LP Tribute's Fretboard Color

    As Al stated wood can be very different . Also, some older Tribute's used baked maple boards and even granadillo which can look very light and different. I had a 2012 Tribute with baked maple and the board was fairly dark like some rosewood. They all vary.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Bdzombie's Avatar
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    Jan 2020

    Re: LP Tribute's Fretboard Color

    As a LP Tribute T'17 owner, i can say that most of the fretboards are medium to light. I origanlly though that it varied based on online pics but in person, i've only seen them in latte to milk chocolate color. I know when I got mine the board was all dryed up and looked kind of purple lol.

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