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Thread: Calton Cases

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    Calton Cases

    I'm a fan of CC..I know some have had some bad experiences in the past when under different owner. Love to see any pics if you have a CC and would like to share. I put together this video that shows some of their options. I am in NO way affiliated or compensated from CC - just a fan.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Elmore's Avatar
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    Re: Calton Cases

    The black heavy splatter looks very rock and roll to me.
    "What's it SOUND like, baby?" - Ray Charles

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    Re: Calton Cases

    Quote Originally Posted by Elmore View Post
    The black heavy splatter looks very rock and roll to me.
    agree..i get my cases from Acoustic Music Works and it's a case style they had done a few of and i went with it! thanks for checking out the thread.

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    Re: Calton Cases

    Calton's gold sparkle has a black interior.

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    Re: Calton Cases

    Purple Calton with splatter finish/black interior for a Les Paul style guitar...

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    Re: Calton Cases

    Couple of CC in white, one with their granite finish option..

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