This is a clone of the Dearmond R15T amp. I built it with Mercury's outstanding "tone clone" transformers. I've owned a couple of the originals and modeled this after them to the extent possible. Some of the original parts are no longer available, e.g., 350K pots, so I sifted through a lot of 500K pots to find some that were actually closer to 350K. Generally, great care was taken and excellent parts were used. It was built close to 4 years ago. After I completed it, I sold off the originals I had because I felt this one sounded better.

Here's a photo of the clone next to my original R5T. Note the thin leather handle (in first photo) has been replaced with a much nicer, thick leather handle, much like the original. It's loaded with a Celestion G12M and excellent old stock glass. See other photos below.

Shipped and paypaled in the continental US for $1500.

(Foot pedal in video is not's original Dearmond pedal and is darn near irreplaceable. If you really want it...I'll sell it too but it'll cost another $150...i.e., I don't really want to sell it )