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    Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS

    Has anyone played the VOS version of the Pearly Gates? If so, what were your thoughts on feel, looks and sound?

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    Les Paul Forum Member Ace139's Avatar
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    May 2003
    New Market, MD

    Re: Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS

    5997Joe -

    You may have already done this - but I would do a search on the LP Forum. I bet there is a lot of info that has been posted. Again you probably have done this too - but maybe Youtube.

    I know the general consensus was they were a very good run and as far as reissues go have done a pretty good job of holding some value.

    Hope you get the info you are looking for
    Some people call me old fashion - but fire scares me

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    Re: Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS

    Last edited by mr kenny; 11-17-19 at 03:55 PM.

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    Les Paul Forum Member duaneflowers's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    Behind a badass Lester somewhere in Japan

    Re: Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS

    With the exception of over-gunking the VOS treatment on the pickup covers mine is one of my all time favorite playahs... absolutely perfect in every way. Was there something specific you wanted to know?

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    Re: Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS

    I have a pearly vos and its been my favorite les paul and has been for a long time, i have other les pauls that are more expensive but i always wanna grab my pearly.

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    Re: Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates VOS

    I had one. The frets were shorter/narrower than typical historic frets, that's the only thing I wasn't too fond of, otherwise great guitar. The neck felt slightly more C shaped than other R9s I've played from that era.

    Quote Originally Posted by mr kenny View Post
    Looks like they go for big money
    He's asking about the VOS, not signed model.

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