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    Help on this 1996 R8

    Looking at a 96 historic r8. I would like input on this year and thoughts from owners. Any input would be appreciated. It also has an historical makeover which I hear good things about. Thoughts on that would be great too. Finally are the bare knuckle long shaft bkp CTS 550k a worthy upgrade? long shaft BKP CTS 550k pots worth the upgrade? Thanks in advance !

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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Re: Help on this 1996 R8

    After a "Makeover" it's up to you whether the guitar is worth the asking price. A Makeover is a personalised customation that is tailord for the person to allow them a guitar that suits their specific ideal. Great, if you share the same ideal.

    I would expect a substantial discount as 90' R8's in originl condition have a large fan base and are collectable. The Butterscotch figured top R8's are very cool and desirable guitars. Also the Sweet Cherry versions.

    These are not as historically correct as later models. The trend has been for improved accuracy as spec changes and hardware/material/build is more accurate in newer models. THEY ARE ALL WELL MADE EXCELLENT GUITARS. In general the whole range of Custom Shop Reissue Les Pauls has been great. Each guitar needs to be evaluated on it's own.

    Long shaft pots are incorrect for vintage instruments or vintage spec. Short shaft is right.
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    Les Paul Forum Member marshall1987's Avatar
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    Re: Help on this 1996 R8

    You're gonna' have to furnish some photos if you expect folks to help you make a purchase decision.

    "Scan not a friend under a microscopic glass; you know his faults so let his foibles pass".

    Sir Frank Crisp
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    Re: Help on this 1996 R8


    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2015
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    Re: Help on this 1996 R8

    +1 , on what Big Al said . Also nice looking Guitar !

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