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    2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer (with upgrades)

    Up for sale is a 2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer. These guitars are pretty basic in stock form and are a great platform for hot-rodding. I did a little work to improve the playability as well as the aesthetic appearance. In stock form, this guitar had a 1-ply black pickguard with a volume pot and 1/4” jack mounted to it. I made the following modifications:

    - Added a tone control where the 1/4” jack was previously
    - Added a PIA capacitor to the tone control
    - Mounted the 1/4" jack to the side of the body (in a jack plate like a standard Explorer jack)
    - Added a 4-ply WBWB pickguard in place of the stock 1-ply black pickguard
    - Added a pickup ring to dress up the guitar. The pickup actually mounts to the pickguard, and the ring is held in place by the tension of the pickup adjustment screws. The ring is not screws into the guard or body, so it could be removed if you prefer a more basic look
    - Added a MojoAxe aged compensated wraparound tailpiece
    - Added locking studs
    - Made a 2-ply beveled edge engraved truss rod cover to replace the 1-ply gold leaf stamped truss rod cover

    The original pickguard, truss rod cover, tailpiece, and studs are included.

    The pickup is the stock HB103B humbucker. It’s a 4-lead pickup, so it can be coil-tapped

    The weight is 6.2 lbs

    The neck thickness is very comfortable, measuring .853 at the first fret. The neck is straight and plays well with nice low action. This is a very comfortable, well-balanced guitar to play

    The condition is very good. No fret wear. There are a few minor dings here and there, the most notable being some paint chips on the back edge of the headstock on the treble side.

    SOLD plus actual shipping cost (estimate $25-$40). Sales within the US only. PM or contact Dan at

    (click photos for larger image)

    Original parts included:

    Last edited by DANELECTRO; 11-27-19 at 10:18 AM.

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    Re: 2011 Gibson Melody Maker Explorer (with upgrades)

    Here are a couple of photos of the guitar in its original stock configuration:

    I also have this 5-ply black guard that I made for the guitar, so it will also be included in the sale. It gives an option to change the appearance if you don't care for the white pickguard. And as mentioned above, the original 1-ply guard is also included in case you prefer a total blackout look.

    Last edited by DANELECTRO; 11-27-19 at 10:17 AM.

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