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    Identification help Les paul

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread in this forum.

    I have been offered to buy a Les paul, and i dont know if it is a fake, thats why i'm seeking help to identify this thing, if anyone knows what it is. I dont even know if this is the right place to ask.

    The owner says it is a gibson guitar that gibson themself used to try different pickups in.
    There is no serial number on the headstock, he tells me it is from the 1970s.

    I have 4 pictures of it, if anyone could tell me anything about it i would be thankful.
    Here are the pictures i got so far.


    Regards Alexander Hansson Sweden

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    Les Paul Forum Member MeHereNow's Avatar
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    Aug 2009

    Re: Identification help Les paul

    If it's a Gibson... a heavily modified Challenger or Sonex
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    Les Paul Forum Co-Owner Tom Wittrock's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Lost in the Ozarks [again]

    Re: Identification help Les paul

    That does not appear to be a real Gibson, and it is definitely not from the Gibson Custom Shop!
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    Re: Identification help Les paul

    Well i couldnt find any topic that really fit my question. According to him (may be a lie, or it may be that he himself was misinformed when he bought it) it was used to try different pickups in the gibson factory, i will ask if he has any proof of that when i call later today.

    I just wanted to try to get some more information before i talked to him. See if anyone ever heard of anything like this at the gibson factory.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Big Al's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Lake Ontario shore

    Re: Identification help Les paul


    Why do these guys use the tiny Film Noir photo's??

    IDK, that may be a Gibson shadow.
    The older I get, the better I was.

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    Re: Identification help Les paul
    That is the buildthread of the guitar.

    I've just decided not to get that guitar.
    It was not alot of money, but im to poor to buy a guitar that might be hard to sell.

    Really cool project tho, and i'm sure that i will regret not getting it.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2015
    Shakedown Street

    Re: Identification help Les paul

    To me it's a faka a fakasian as in fake , forgery

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