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    RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Thought a few of you migt enjoy this new Rig Rundown with Jason. The first part is when he talks about Redeye. Enjoy!

    Game on!

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    Les Paul Forum Member Stow's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2002

    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Jason and Sadler are great players and pure gear heads!

    Was nice to get a shout out!

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    Les Paul Forum Member viper007's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2007

    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Thanks for the heads up...

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    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    There are a few of us geeks out there!
    Game on!

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    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Mr Isbell and his WonderTech Michael Bethancourt, have Red Eye sounding and playing just as she was always meant to be!! Ed King would be so VERY proud of how Jason plays her and the inspirational tone that is emanating from every stage he appears on!!
    Do NOT miss Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit anytime you have a chance experience them!! The songs are real and authentic as is the playing and his talent!!
    The band is crazy great and will transport you to places you rarely ever feel.
    No one, in my humble opinion, is doing it batter than Jason Isbell and his band AND crew right now!!
    Thanks to Jason for bringing Red Eye out for all of us to admire)

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    Les Paul Forum Member Stoj's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2006
    Melbourne, Australia

    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Great to see this burst out on the road being played rather than being put away in a vault somewhere

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    Les Paul Forum Member musekatcher's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2018
    meridianam altum centralis

    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    Nice - He still sounds and acts like he's from his hometown. Brittany Howard does too - they grew up about 20 miles apart.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    Apr 2015
    Shakedown Street

    Re: RedEye and Jason Isbell, Rig Rundown

    What no Love for Mr. Isbell ? I got a free ticket a while back and it was a snooze fest . As opposed to "Red eye" who is a looker !

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