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    Proper original Jensen P10R set for late 50s tweed bassman

    I have a full set of 4 Jensen P10R speakers for late 50s tweed Bassman. As required for a Bassman, 2 of them have bell covers and 2 do not. These speakers have the correct paint and patina. With date codes so late in 58, little question in my mind that these came out of a 59 Bassman. These speakers will need to be reconed.

    Codes (w/bell covers) : 220845 P10R-C5636-6 and 220840 P10R-C5636-6
    Codes (w/o bell covers) : 220845 P10R-C5888-6 and 220845 P10R-C5888-6

    I came across these and held on to them as spares for a Bassman I now no longer own. Time to get them into the hands of someone who needs them to complete a vintage bassman project.

    PM me with an email address or phone number and I'll get back with you.
    Last edited by BurstWurst; 11-08-19 at 07:29 AM.

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