Super-nice Historic 3 PU Custom. Black with Gold Hardware, stoptail, NOT Bigsby. I bought this a few months ago from one of the large grey-market dealers in L.A, just because I couldn't resist the package. As-new condition, all paperwork, and FACTORY AGING, including the case! Very few of these were made, almost a one-off run. Checking is what makes those old Customs so cool looking, and this one has The Look. It also has one of the best feeling fat necks I've played on a Historic--really, really nice. Weight is around 9.5 lbs, which ain't bad for one of these.

I'm selling because I can't keep everything, and new stuff is always calling. I'm pricing it to move, well below what I paid, because I just want to move it on to a new home where it'll get some quality time. $5200 shipped to anywhere in the Lower 48. Please get in touch with any questions, happy to discuss anything about it.