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    Reference number for Jensen Capacitors

    I want to make a new harness for my R9, and I have read good comments about the new Copper capacitors from Jensen. I want to go for 0,15 mf for the neck, and 0,22 for the bridge.

    I have been looking at the Jensen webpage and there are a lot of versions. I do not know which are the right one for the purpose.

    Can anyone help me with the right reference numbers to order?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Les Paul Forum Member duaneflowers's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
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    Re: Reference number for Jensen Capacitors

    I use Item no.​ ​149756 on their website... Copper foil / copper tube 630 DC & ​0.022µF.

    I'm not sure that Jensen makes a 0.015µF version.

    I have several guitars with a Jensen Copper Foil 0.022µF cap in the bridge and a Russian K40Y-9 0.015µF cap in the neck... they seem to pair really nicely.

    Happy hunting!!!
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