Hey y'all! I just got a Les Paul Custom in the mail today that suffered a horrific neck break in transit. I found it at a guitar shop in Virginia last weekend and couldn't stop thinking about it so I called and had it sent on over. It's a refin for sure and almost everything has been changed out on it, but it came in a 50's 5 latch Lifton case. Since the whole package was priced lower than the case should sell for, I figured I would take a gamble. Now, since the neck is snapped, I am trying to identify the husk of the guitar to see if it is worth saving. There is no serial number or made in USA stamp and no volute. My assumption is that it is a Custom shop Reissue that someone decided to mod. The middle humbucker route is clean and appears factory. The guys at the shop said that they assumed it was from the 50's or 60's, but they also shipped it without sufficient packing precautions, so I'm not really sure I can trust what they say. Any help would be much appreciated.