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    1959 Lifton Case

    Is it normal for the guitar to move a little bit in the aged Lifton cases that come with the historic/aged 1959 Les Paul reissues? With one of my cases, when you lift it up, the guitar moves slightly. I know this because it makes an audible thump inside the case. Thanks for all your help! I love the forum and all the support/knowledge that's present here.

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    Re: 1959 Lifton Case

    Yes, that’s normal. I know they’re supposed to be historically accurate, but I do wish they fit more snuggly.

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    Les Paul Forum Co-Owner Tom Wittrock's Avatar
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    Re: 1959 Lifton Case

    Just like a real one, which is why owners of Bursts don't normally use them.
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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Re: 1959 Lifton Case

    Besides the loose fit , lack of support and with only one latch on the case that snaps in place and the other three not totally dependable, I decided it was too risky to rely on the Lifton case to protect the guitar. Now the guitar resides in a Road Runner case with six latches, snug fit and extra cushin.

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    Les Paul Forum Member marshall1987's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
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    Re: 1959 Lifton Case

    Gibson caved in to the reissue buyers demanding authentic vintage spec pink Lifton cases for their new Historic R9s. And they got what they asked for!

    I prefer the earlier black Gibson Custom cases that came with historic Custom Shop Les Pauls. These cases afford a higher degree of security and safety.
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    Re: 1959 Lifton Case

    Quote Originally Posted by marshall1987 View Post
    I prefer the earlier black Gibson Custom cases that came with historic Custom Shop Les Pauls. These cases afford a higher degree of security and safety.
    I have two extra maroon-lined Historic cases which are the only cases I use when transporting Les Pauls around. They do a great job of protecting the guitars, and since these two cases are the only ones that get tossed around, all of the other cases remain in mint condition because they haven't been used for anything other than storage since the guitars entered my home.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Re: 1959 Lifton Case

    A year ago I got the talk by my Tech ( more like a father & son conversation ) about proper protection for my prized Les Paul's . So I ordered the Anvil heavy duty road cases when I ship my Les Paul's around and it was the best advice ! Yes they are heavy , but so is the protection ! They are so snug around the headstock and the body .

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