Selling my early Cunetto ('96) Custom Shop relic Strat, it's a rare '58 maple neck model in CAR finish with gold hardware.
Looks fantastic, quite hard to photograph the depth of it and how the color changes with the different lights. Very nice not "over the top" flaming in the neck too.
Light weight (3.3kg / 7.3lbs), very very nice guitar that feels, plays and sounds great.
The guitar is all original and comes with all the documentation / accessories / goodies it was sold new with.

For the story I have to say I'm honestly really not a fan of relic guitars as I've found they usually fall short compared to vintage original ones, but those Cunetto era guitars are quite unique and special to me; I've had several over the years, I find they have a very nice natural broken in look and feel when you have them in hand and have very cool tweaked specs (flatter radius, nice woods, well balanced electronics w/ a slightly hotter bridge PU...) that have made them stand out for me among all the offering from the Fender Custom Shop or other replica builders that I've been able to see/play over the last 20 years.

3800 euros.
Guitar is in France, I can ship anywhere don't hesitate to contact me.