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Thread: HUM

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    May 2019


    My R8 has Custom Buckers that Hum. It’s either the Custom Buckers or the capacitors causing the issue, I’m going around in circles troubleshooting. With the volume on 10 the guitar is silent when the tone is rolled all the way off. When I Increase the tone a hum becomes audible and gets louder the further I turn the tone up. I thought I had a poor ground but Ive just tested the continuity of every component and in between, it’s all working correctly and the wire to ground the tailpiece checks out too. I can eliminate the hum by touching any metal component to provide a path through me to ground.

    I’ve tested all my guitars at the same point, same settings. My 335 with burst buckers is silent and my strat with single coils is silent - be it I have shielded the cavity on my start with remarkable results.

    The custom buckers sound great so I'm thinking about changing bumble bee capacitors to eliminate them as the culprit. Unfortunately I do t have a spare Humbuckers to put in to test if it’s the guitar electronics elsewhere. Has anyone else experienced this?
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