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    Memphis ES-335...Where to go Next?

    So I picked up a 2018 Memphis '59 ES-335 Blonde Dot from CME a little while back. I'd been in love with this particular model ever since I first saw Dave Edmunds play "From Small Things..." on MTV more than 35 years ago. My dream guitar is an original '59, but that's not likely to happen.

    So my question is this...what vintage years will let me get pretty close without breaking the bank? As I've never seen Blondes from any other years prior to the 80's "reissues" (though I never got why), 'Burst and Cherry would be acceptable. I fully realize that the definition of "breaking the bank" is very broad. Let's say, I'd like to keep things well under $20K.


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    Les Paul Forum Member tuberide's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    Re: Memphis ES-335...Where to go Next?

    Nut width becomes a critical factor when considering '60s Gibsons post 1965. 1965 was a transition year and may be your most likely target to get a vintage 335 with the more comfortable neck width, though many have the 1 9/16' nut width. You might be able to land a '65 with the wider neck in your price range if you are lucky. 1964 and earlier is going to be expensive. I have a blonde 2015 Memphis custom shop 335 and love it. By the way, Chris Cain plays a '90s 335 and the tone he musters from that guitar is a beautiful thing. Good luck in your search.

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    Les Paul Forum Member deytookerjaabs's Avatar
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    Nov 2016

    Re: Memphis ES-335...Where to go Next?

    Dunno. A real dot '59 is pretty different from, say, a block '62 and then a '64. IIRC the '59 has a thinner body and I think a 4-ply top/back plus the noted "paf" differences and likely other little details etc.

    So, I'm not sure vintage is the way to go unless you can afford a player grade if you prefer the dot specs. I personally find the '65's-'68's to be great guitars in their own right but they're not dots.

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