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    Les Paul Forum Member Florida Sam's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Under a palm tree

    NGD! 1963 Gibson Melody Maker D

    Wow. I just checked and it's been 16 years since I started a thread on this forum. I was NOT sober back then an re-reading my ramblings from back then...well, I was an asshole. 15 years sober now, wow have I mellowed a bit.

    After spending all day yesterday at the Tampa get together, I had awesome gear overload. So much amazing stuff in one room.* I'm from the East Coast of Florida and made a weekend of it in Tampa so I hit a few music stores Friday and today. I saw some really great used gear over there but this.. this was love at first sight and lust at first strum. It came home with me.

    Other than the missing wiggle stick, an absolutely perfect refret, and the welcome compensated bridge it's all original. So many of these are butchered, refined, cannibalized for their fretboard, routed for buckers or P90's..the list goes on

    The neck is the star of show, nothing could be more comfortable.

    This is mojo

    This is mojo
    I can't complain but sometimes I still do.......

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    Les Paul Forum Co-Owner Tom Wittrock's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Lost in the Ozarks [again]

    Re: NGD! 1963 Gibson Melody Maker D

    Nice Melody maker!
    Pauls to the walls!

    Hüter der Flammen!

    Click here:

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    Les Paul Forum Member Overdriven66's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    South of Motown

    Re: NGD! 1963 Gibson Melody Maker D

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Wittrock View Post
    Nice Melody maker!
    i totally agree with Tom! Killer guitar with GREAT natural aging. A few guys very gifted can try to replicate the aging like on your MM. But yours is a gorgeous example of a naturally aged old Gibson!! Great pix BTW! Congrats and thanks for posting it!

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