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    Volume Knob controls treble too or wire it the Vintage way? Capacitor Placement

    I saw an interesting video about how the Modern LPs wiring has the Volume knob also controlling the treble, where as the older LP wiring is wired so that treble doesn't change when you adjust the volume knob. Video by: Breja Tone Works, Titled: DIY Les Paul Wiring - Vintage versus Modern

    I'm not sure if I'm permitted to link a youtb video here so I didnt.

    I'm new to LP wiring, I see this is just one more way to change the tone personality in your guitars.

    So what do you guys refer? Vintage or Modern wiring mentioned here (and on the video)??

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    Re: Volume Knob controls treble too or wire it the Vintage way? Capacitor Placement

    It really is personal preference, some people prefer vintage, others prefer modern. There is loads of info on the forum and the wider internet about the differences between them but the best thing to do is try them and decide which one suits you best.

    Incidently the video that you mentioned (and many of the commonly available wiring diagrams on the internet) show differences in how the tone pot is wired between vintage and modern. This is misleading as it does not matter which way the tone pot is wired, both of the ways shown are electrically identical and this does not need to be changed to swap from vintage to modern. The only difference between vintage and modern is which lug of the volume control the capacitor connects to (middle lug for vintage, outer lug for modern) so it's a very simple matter to swap between the two and see which you prefer, you just need to move one connection on each volume pot.
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