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    Les Paul Forum Member Grandturk's Avatar
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    Jul 2001

    NGD R0 Ice Tea Burst


    Just got this axe this weekend. Traded a couple of lesser played axes for it. Played 5-6 other guitars - some R9, 68 RI Custom, couple R0, and a Murphy aged) - this one was the winner. Killer playing and sounds great.

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    Re: NGD R0 Ice Tea Burst

    congrats, nice flame

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    Re: NGD R0 Ice Tea Burst

    Nice! Congrats, HNGD and play her in good health!
    Midnight Blues

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Apr 2015
    Shakedown Street

    Re: NGD R0 Ice Tea Burst

    Congrats on your NGD, I like the color and figure . Nice Les Paul !

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    Les Paul Forum Member AA00475Bassman's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Some place between bad wood & good wood

    Re: NGD R0 Ice Tea Burst

    Gorgeous very nice , would love to to play one of these reflector knob R0's !!
    Ive never confused owning a bunch of high end gear with being some kind of a guitar player I'm a hack and I love guitars !

    The myth :The most disturbing thing about buying a fake Les Paul is how my research after the purchase is received by Forum members ??? 2020

    The Myth: Neat wiring layouts always equate to great-sounding amps.

    The Myth: If I would have lived with MOM & mooched till I was 48 I would play like Clapton !
    Think about it
    won't you ...... Please !

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    Les Paul Forum Member renderit's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    Re: NGD R0 Ice Tea Burst


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