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    Replacement ABR-1 Parts & Additional Question

    I have an wired ABR-1 that has 1 bent saddle screw and a jacked up wire. It came to me this way.

    If I have to order a whole new ABR-1 it doesn't really bother me but I'd like to know if you can order just screws and retaining wires?

    Additionally, is there any difference between the Non-Wire ABR-1 and the Wired ABR-1 aside from the wire holes and wire?

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    May 2016

    Re: Replacement ABR-1 Parts & Additional Question

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jun 2004
    Littleton, CO

    Re: Replacement ABR-1 Parts & Additional Question

    Stewmac's terminology is confusing on ABR's because in the past they sold an ABR-1 clone and parts which were imported with metric threads. The search link provided has wrong (metric M3 thread) screws due to their terminology. You need parts for "original ABR", screws are 6-32. Stewmac is now selling genuine Gibson bridges but I don't see saddles or screws which Gibson used to sell as a set on a blister pack card you could find at GC.

    The non-wired and wired are different parts and the bodies are made from different die-cast molds. The non-wired is a closer approximation of a vintage ABR even down to having slightly more saddle travel than the wired. The wired seems like the same parts (bodies) from the 70's. Wired can rattle. Their non-wired are a little loose to me - the screws don't snap in tightly like vintage. Pick your poison.

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    Les Paul Forum Member toxpert's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    St Louis

    Re: Replacement ABR-1 Parts & Additional Question

    Pigtail Music is another manufacturer that may be abLe to hel.
    Give them a call.

    Great products...

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