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    Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Hello there,

    I always wanted a Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top and somebody offered me one of those, but I do not know for sure if it is real or false.

    It has no case or COA. As the person informs me, it was built in 2006 but they did not sell it until 2010. He bought it from another person (I would be the third owner).

    In appearance everything is normal; the serial number is correct, the potentiometers and the machines head seem aligned and have no details that make me suspect except the truss-rod cover and the electronics covers on the back of the guitar, because the first one is not the model's own and year and the color of the second does not match of the pictures I have seen for a 2006 Gibson Gold Top (although they could have been replaced).

    It is far from where I live, but this weekend I make a trip and I can take a detour to try it. Of course, I would like to collect information previously.

    I need your help. Is it real, or is it fake?

    Thanks in advance,



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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Aug 2019

    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Is it just me, but that looks superfake. That cutaway seems way off and the headstock looks fishy. Get more sharp closeups!

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    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    That guitar is not a Gibson Les Paul Standard model.
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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Jul 2001
    the netherlands

    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    totally fake, logo is an onlay instead of an inlay and wrongly positioned, no nibs, Color is off for a goldtop, trussrod cover is the chinese fake Version, inlays are wrong

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    May 2018

    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Most assuredly fake.
    Stay away, and report the ad if you can.

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    Les Paul Forum Member sonar's Avatar
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    Jan 2003

    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Yes, stay away.

    The counterfeiters are getting better. This one, while obviously fake, isn't laughably terrible.

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    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Well, unanimously the origin of the guitar is clear.

    Thank you very much everyone for your help and contributions. I hope they have not only been useful to me but also for future Gibson buyers.

    Hasta la vista!

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    Les Paul Forum Member AA00475Bassman's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Some place between bad wood & good wood

    Re: Help with a Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Super fake .......!!!!!!!!!
    Ive never confused owning a bunch of high end gear with being some kind of a guitar player I'm a hack and I love guitars !

    The myth :The most disturbing thing about buying a fake Les Paul is how my research after the purchase is received by Forum members ??? 2020

    The Myth: Neat wiring layouts always equate to great-sounding amps.

    The Myth: If I would have lived with MOM & mooched till I was 48 I would play like Clapton !
    Think about it
    won't you ...... Please !

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