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    Thoughts About A Tremolo Kit?

    I have an Epiphone Ultra III, and have been wanting to play around with a tremolo setup. I have absolutely no interest in doing any sort of drilling etc. or making any permanent changes. I’m only looking at kits compatible with the existing bridge mounts.
    Any recommendations? I know Bigsby and Floyd are popular, but also saw the Les Trem II as a possible budget way to try it out.
    Also curious if this is even a road worth going down? I’ve read a few places that LPs that aren’t designed to have a tremolo setup usually don’t do as well with one. I don’t really have a need for one, I just thought it might be fun to try out. Quick searching is showing me the b5 doesn’t go from the end of your guitar, so different sized bodies won’t have different effects on that. And b7 goes from the end.
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    Les Paul Forum Co-Owner Tom Wittrock's Avatar
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    Re: Thoughts About A Tremolo Kit?

    Pauls to the walls!

    Hüter der Flammen!

    Click here:

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    Les Paul Forum Member AA00475Bassman's Avatar
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    Re: Thoughts About A Tremolo Kit?

    The war is over we won no need for super secret code !

    Disclaimer: some times it’s difficult to read between the lines !
    Ive never confused owning a bunch of high end gear with being some kind of a guitar player I'm a hack and I love guitars !

    The myth :The most disturbing thing about buying a fake Les Paul is how my research after the purchase is received by Forum members ??? 2020

    The Myth: Neat wiring layouts always equate to great-sounding amps.

    The Myth: If I would have lived with MOM & mooched till I was 48 I would play like Clapton !
    Think about it
    won't you ...... Please !

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