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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Feb 2002

    Question about copper shielding + P-90s (non-humbucking)

    So I finally decided to trash my p100 in my Les Paul special. I've taken the plunge on some Fralin pickups, P90s that are non-humbucking. I'm going to be using 525k pots with orange drop caps in a 50s wiring config.

    I was curious to see if anyone out here I'd done copper shielding on the body cavity spaces around the electronics in their Les Paul's in the hopes of reducing RF-based noise for pickups like these. If so, was it a dramatic effect or not? Was it worth the effort?
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    Les Paul Forum Member J T's Avatar
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    Oct 2005

    Re: Question about copper shielding + P-90s (non-humbucking)

    You are hearing RF in your signal? Check your grounding, instrument cable, signal chain.

    P-90'S are single coil and you will hear 60 cycle hum which is not RF. Some pickup makers will reverse wind the neck and bridge pickups giving the middle position essentially hum cancelling, but 60 cycle hum in P-90's is the nature of the beast.

    Some players who play lots of Hi Gain stuff do that, but you can deal with it manually by rolling down the volume.
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    Les Paul Forum Member Don's Avatar
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    Dec 2001

    Re: Question about copper shielding + P-90s (non-humbucking)

    Quote Originally Posted by J T View Post
    but you can deal with it manually by rolling down the volume.
    And by changing the angle of your guitar relative to the amp.

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