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    My 1987 Les Paul Custom - Opinions please

    Hi all,

    this is is my 87í lester.
    Serial - 80747558

    it has Tim Shaws as itís an early 87. It plays great. Itís going for a fret level and set up. Iím also having the gap between the nibs and frets filled.

    I initially wanted a standard but on talking with someone and playing a few of their customs I pestered him into selling me this one.

    According to him him he bought it from the original owner and has had it ever since all original. I have some doubts. As it had deffo had a new nut. And has since had another new one. Iím not worried as itís a players guitar and will remain one.
    My only concern is it looks as though the necks been painted. As thereís paint on the binding. Opinions please.
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    Les Paul Forum Member Gold Tone's Avatar
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    Apr 2002

    Re: My 1987 Les Paul Custom - Opinions please

    Hi Scott

    Welcome to the forum!!

    Youíre post belongs in the Sunburst Pub Standard section not Custom / Historic. Youíll get the responses youíre looking for there.

    Youíll find a wealth of information on the LPF from experts, novices, passionate players, and performing/recording artists. We expect to hear your opinions and experiences too!

    Enjoy the LPF

    (BTW nice guitar!)

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