Stephens Design VINTAGE LAB HD61 BN NECK PAF humbucker.

His work always gets fantastic reviews and always nails any shoot out with the aftermarket competition.

The waiting list for daves work is long and he often has a huge back log because he doesnít mass produce pick upís. he is a boutique winder in the true sense of the word. SO this is an opportunity to snap up a neck Pickup without waiting. I bought 2 backup sets at the end of 2013 and have a complete set advertised and this neck for sale on its own.

I installed to check all ok and then stashed them. SO, this had about an hours playing time on it then it sat in a cupboard and are virtually brand new.

This is the bright neck which has plenty of punch and clarity like real neck pafís, no mud here, with a typical vintage neck value of 7.6k

Pairs amazingly well with most any bridge and responds fantastically to volume and tone control with many shades of tone on tap.

Comes with upcharge relic covers that are amazing Ö Daveís relic work is spot on.


Aged full relic covers
This BN neck is a zebra configuration

Buyer pays for shipping costs depending on your location just ask for a quote. Can ship globally. I ship with full insurance and tracking.
Payment is by pay pal but you cover any fees. (sorry but it gets a bit much!)

Thanks for looking at these amazing pickups.

Sold as is in perfect working condition. No returns.
No trades. No offers. The price of the set is the advertised price so please donít waste your time or mine making offers.

$685 AUD plus postage ... pick up ships from Australia so just ask for an international shipping quote.
The price is in AUD so with the low exchange rate against the USD this is cheap for you guys in the US!