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    Les Paul Forum Member gregc's Avatar
    Join Date
    Oct 2001
    NY, USA

    The hunt for 335...

    I decided I needed a 335 (never owned one, but always wanted one).
    I played a Studio, Figured Top, and a plain dot, back to back to back on Sunday. The 2017 figured top was 'wow' lQQking, but had a lacquer irregularity (defect) on the top, front upper horn and there was something odd with the neck where you could not get the action below .004 without fretting out, even with .012 relief in the neck. Believe me, I played with it for hours. I was OK with that action, but it was at its limit there, and compiled with the finish flaw, and some rough neck binding, I finally decided to rule it out. It was a GC piece and I actually had it home for 2 days. Oh well. It went back cleaner, freshly strung, and better playing than it left.
    I wanted to like the red 2017 (or was it an 18?) Studio I saw in Sam Ash. I really did. Sadly, I felt like I was playing a mediocre import. Neck, frets, feel, tone, just not up to par, not to mention $2k (though they would let go for $1799).
    The 2019 glossy finished, regular, antique faded red, dot neck was a winner, absolutely, and it so came home with me. Expertly finished frets, a properly cut nut, and a good neck angle so the tail piece and bridge sit low and the neck can be dialed in almost dead straight. I think, with Gibson, it pays to demo a lot, and look very closely at the details.
    BTW, the figured had a burstbucker 1/2 set, with titanium saddles and some fancy split coil switching with the 2 volume pots, and something else one tone pot pull switch did (some series-parallel wiring scheme or other?) There was nothing exciting to me in all the extra gimmick tones I'd likely never use. I didn't actually notice the pots were push-pull till I went to pull the knobs off to clean up, LOL. At the time I was like 'wtf'?
    The studio had Classic 57's which are among my favorite Gibson pickups (had them in 2 Johnny A guitars and loved them), but apparently not in this one.
    The plain dot I ultimately selected has MHS II pups and plated brass saddles. The pups sound good and quite similar to the b'buckers in the figured top guitar I played.
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    Les Paul Forum Member Red Rogue's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2009

    Re: The hunt for 335...

    335's make a lot of fun!

    - Blues is the road -

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    Les Paul Forum Member herb's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2002
    Washington State

    Re: The hunt for 335...

    Congratulations! My 335 is my favorite Gibson electric. Play it in good health.

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    Re: The hunt for 335...


    My first 335 was a 2014 Dot Reissue. I could have been happy with it forever, but then a '59 RI came along. So, now I have and love both. The '59 RI is just sublime, and the 2014 reminds me why I love it so much every time I play it.

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    Les Paul Forum Member Trans-Am's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2001
    BC, Canada

    Re: The hunt for 335...

    Just for an added salivation taste for an ES 335. Quite happy with my 2016 Memphis Studio all stock with Classic 57 & 57 +.


    Old WOOD Is Good WOOD !!!

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