This is NOT a re-issue; the is a real, original Gibson 1959 Black Beauty! Gibson only made a total of 246 Les Paul Customs in 1959... that's ALL styles, and far less of those were the Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" models with gold hardware and 3-Pickups!

Look at the pictures closely... I am not an expert on these 1959's, I will tell you the story of this particular Black Beauty's life as best as I have been able to research it.
This Black Beauty was part of the L.A. Gig scene in the 1960's and was owned (bought new?) by Kent Henry, who later found fame with Blues Image (Ride Captain Ride) and Steppenwolf. In 1968 Kent sold the guitar to a guy he played many L.A. gigs with, "Billy D.". The headstock had been broken and repaired in the mid-60's, and at that time the serial number was sanded & painted over as part of the repair... nobody really cared about serial numbers 50 years ago! ;)
Billy owned the guitar all these years until recently when he sold it to me. Bill had purchased it for $500 in 1968 :O Please note that several changes from stock were made to this guitar back then: The bigsby was removed... (you can still faintly see the filled mounting holes) and replaced with a 60's fixed bridge, the original tuners got swapped out for 1960's Grovers, and the original pickguard was removed.
This was/is a Gigging machine! The PAF pickups appear to be the originals, as does the original cloth wiring, along with the Pots and the selector switch. NICE Fretboard in great shape with the original low-fast frets still in great shape... no ugly re-fret here! The pearloid inlays are crisp and beautiful; much more so than the pictures show! The circumference of the neck at the 3rd fret is 4-1/2 inches. The binding is also in great original condition: tight all around the body, neck, and headstock. No excuses: it's about as nice as you can find, with beautiful aged patina.

This Black Beauty plays great: all of the controls work as they should. The headstock break was repaired 50 years ago and is not an issue at all. I mounted the beautiful repro 5-ply pickguard and Gibson "NOS" black knobs as the originals were swapped out years ago. It wears a fresh set of Gibson Brite Wires and it's ready to play! The guitar will be shipped to you in a brand-new fitted Douglas case. I do not have an original case for it.

I have a video of this guitar here>

Email me at if the video does not play for you and I will send it to you. DO NOT MESSAGE ME HERE AT LP FORUM... I have have had many problems trying to use the messaging here (probably my fault) and this is not something that works for me.

Price is $22,400 ... possible trades for mostly cash plus American Strats considered. I am located 30 min. West of Palm Springs California. Email me at I m Frank Mallory thanks for the ad LPF!