Hello all,

I just got a 1952 ES-295 from a private seller. The guitar was described as mint with finish checking.

The ES-295 typically has alot of greening and wear on the back of the neck and maybe the forearm. This finish has little to no wear but just significant finish cracks all over.

But the color of this guitar seems odd. It;s very lighting dependent but it almost looks like yellow or greenish (like a 50's harmony newport green/yellow). Should I be worried that this is not the original finish or does anyone have experience with this type of color shift?

I did a blacklight test

1) Headstock blacklights perfect
2) Knobs are new replacements (don't blacklight correctly and not displosed)
3) I have a hard time with the bodt/neck blacklight becuse the color is almost the snot green seen on a standard blacklight test. But the color is very uniform undel BL
4) The gold tuners have absolutely zero wear (but I've seen mint gold tuners on other examples)

Could this really be an all original mint guitar that was never played but suffered finish cracks under big temperature/humidity swings? The non-original case did have alot of corrosion on the latches,

Anyway, I'm not going to be pleased if it's not original finish so have a look.