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    Formerly Lefty Elmo Steve Craw's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    Upstate NY

    Another ES-345 Wiring Solution:

    I recently bought a 1964 ES-345, and figured I'd re-wire it for mono. I'm aware of the "ES Box" adapter, but until I made up my mind which direction to take, I simply bought a "Y" stereo cable, a plugged an end into the separate channels of my Fender Deluxe Reverb. Holy crap, I will NEVER re-wire this guitar!! Run like this, you get volume and EQ'ing for each pickup separately. Amazing!!!

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    Re: Another ES-345 Wiring Solution:

    This is one of the the standard solutions. The intended use is with the old Gibson Stereo amp with a stereo cable - but any two channel amp will do!

    A fine and funky variation of your solution is to plug both ends of the Stereo-Y-cable into one channel of your Deluxe Reverb. This will get you the funky "out of phase" sound when using both pickups.

    The ES-Box acts exactly like a Stereo-Y cable but allows one to plug into a single channel amp. It also preserves the OOP sound.

    Welcome to the ES345 club. Your initiation has really only just begun. There is more...much more...

    Another Y-cable thread:

    A recent OOP discussion (applies to ES345s too):

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    Re: Another ES-345 Wiring Solution:

    Also, upstate NY? I was in Albany for a few years... Are you familiar with Super 400?

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