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    Zemaitis SUJ 100 LTD13

    Anybody that knows me knows that I love Zemaitis guitars. Why, I love the over the top looks, and I really love the bridge and tailpiece, along with the killer fretwork. Since I can't afford an original, I have to buy a reissue, which frankly, are made very well! But I'm not a huge fan of the pickups they use, along the 250K tone pots and ceramic caps. So if see one selling for cheap, I jump on it, and fix it up to my liking. What makes most Zemaitis guitars different from most guitars is they generally have metal tops (or sometimes metal discs on the top). The original designer of the these guitars thought that was a good idea because he thought it shielded the electronics. And true to that, these are very quiet guitars. Some people go so far to say the metal on the tops give these guitars their unique sound. But this one doesn't have the metal top and I still hear the characteristic Zemaitis tone without it.

    For mods I did... New Q-parts knobs (easier to turn), VIP 500K pots, vintage Sprague Vitamin Q .015 (neck), and .022 (bridge) caps, Tyson Tone Lab "Precious And Grace" humbuckers, and solid billet aluminum pickup rings. In a few days I will be getting the last mod part, a set of Gotoh 1:21 SGL 510 Luxury tuners which are drop in replacements for these guitars.

    So here it is...

    Here's the headstock...

    Neck inlays...

    Here's my internal electronic upgrades...

    Here's the original ad from a few years ago...


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    Les Paul Forum Member corpse's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Dennis, MA

    Re: Zemaitis SUJ 100 LTD13

    Very exotic and sexy. The Tyson PU’s a great.

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Oct 2011

    Re: Zemaitis SUJ 100 LTD13

    What does a Zem weigh?

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    Re: Zemaitis SUJ 100 LTD13

    Quote Originally Posted by corpse View Post
    Very exotic and sexy. The Tyson PU’s a great.
    I love the Tyson pickups which I first tried in this guitar...


    Quote Originally Posted by Zentar View Post
    What does a Zem weigh?
    all of 3 of mine are in the 8 lb range

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