Hi, can someone please help me with these few things. I've got a set in gold that looks like Tim Shaw pickups - stamps, unpotted, rough magnet, white spacers, black-white wires. But there are few things that bother me.

The pups have slightly different covers, they both match in color and wear but one has those etches on the sides near the lugs, it was removed at some point so I'm interested if it can be original and period correct or if it's a cover from different pup (looks like "the original" with pcb bottom plate)

I haven' tried them yet but since they are unpotted are they expected to be microphonic on high gain, are all Shaws like that or is it the matter of luck?

Also what is the average price of these nowadays? Both pups had their wires short so they were spliced with similar braided wire, one pup had it's cover removed (and I don't know if it's period correct becuase of those etches on the sides) and someone tinkered with the lugs, the other pup looks untouched. Do these things have a deep impact on the price?

Will really appreciate if someone can help me with these


just in case here are the bigger images https://imgur.com/a/gIhytse