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    Korean vs Chinese epi lp

    This has been done but i recently got my first guitar back as a gift , it is a korean 98 lp goldtop that needed a lot of work (including a refret with some nice wide tall frets ) so in doing so i discoverd a lot about its construction . Pickups and electronics a side there a big difference in wood materials used compared to the newer chinese models , the chinese models use something that more closely resembles mahogany than this particular korean lp (in fact im pretty sure the necks no where near mahogany, looks like popular ????) and theres no maple in sight , I have a chinese 1960 tibute plus which does have a maple cap although its also coverd whith a veneer to make it look better than it actually is ,
    BUT and its a big but the korean sounds more like a les paul than chinese tribute plus ??, they've both got upgraded pickups and electronics but the korean guitar plays and sounds better , i should also add the chinese lp weighs a lot more than the korean lp
    What is this trickery ???? does anyone know more about the construction of these koean epiphones ?
    the serial no reveils it was made at the "fine guitar plant " and is not one of the samick models
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