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    Les Paul Junior Singlecut weight preferences

    For those with singlecut Junior experience, any rough weight you prefer? Any issues with neck heaviness on really light ones?
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    Apr 2002
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    Re: Les Paul Junior Singlecut weight preferences

    I've owned well over a dozen. No such thing as neck heavy. No one preferred the light ones, certainly not me. The best were medium heavy, 7-8lbs, IMO.
    The older I get, the better I was.

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    Feb 2002

    Re: Les Paul Junior Singlecut weight preferences

    I played a real 1958 LP Jr at Gruhn's Guitars several months ago.

    It "felt" like a solid 8lb guitar, seemed balanced (not "neck heavy" like an SG) and rang out like bell. My girlfriend then looked at the price tag, gave me the stink eye (I almost bought it...:() ) and started to give me **** about some damn thing that she wanted which she felt would enhance our lives or something.....(washer and dryer?)

    Luckily, one of the sales guys took it away as it had just been sold online or something.

    I broke up with her soon afterward. No regrets.
    I've noticed that my amps are alot like my kitchen blender: They do their best work when set to "liquefy".....

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