Back in 1978 There was a Norlin ad promoting the Lab Series amps. "Win a Gibson Les Paul. Test Drive a Lab Series amp." To enter the contest all I had to do was go to an authorized dealer and try out a Lab Series amp. Which I did. I filled out the form and the girl behind the counter signed it and I was entered.

Months later after the drawing, I received notification that I was one of five winners in the US and Canada. Not only did I win a new Les Paul, but so did the girl behind the counter.

She picked a Black Frampton-style 3pup LP and I picked a tobacco sunburst custom Les Paul (TBS only available on the custom at that time). I would have gone for a standard if the finish was available. I just love those trap inlays!

Anyway, the official presentation was at the music store where I registered initially and they sent a photographer to document the event.

I have NEVER seen the photos! And all these years later I wonder if they might be on the internet somewhere. I've been looking, but with zero success. The best I've done is seeing the original ad that was published in Guitar Player magazine listed on eBay.

Does anyone have a tip on where I could look for better success?