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    NGD: Addition to the LP family!

    I'd been considering adding a P90 guitar to my small collection for a while now, and for some reason I became obsessed with the 'new' LP Junior Double Cut (yes I prefer the big pickguard...) model. After spending a few days sifting through the local Kijiji ads I scrolled down to a beautiful looking cherry DC with the single bridge P90, and I assume it also has the unmolested neck tenon/un-routed neck pickup cavity! So technically the Junior is one of the early 2019 models, and is stamped 'Made in USA 2019 Model' on the back of the headstock, although the guitar checklist card is dated August 2018... So I guess these models are the last of the old Gibson 'yearly release' trend, and all new models being produced will only have their year of manufacture indicated through the serial number... At least until Gibson hits another sales slump, and decide to attempt the yearly release thing again
    image3 (1).jpg

    I've had the ebony Standard since graduating university way back in the late nineties... Got a good deal on the guitar since it some divots in the maple cap from previous owner playing while wearing a bracelet or something, but I've managed to do worse to it since then! Repair was done myself a couple years ago, and I believe I was still in shock at the time, but miraculously the guitar still seems to play great and evidently the elmer's glue joint is plenty strong. The damage was above the nut so luckily maintaining the correct the scale length wasn't an issue, but it sure left a nice scar on the Holly Veneer... I've considered putting a new veneer on to hide the damage, but I think it might be better to leave the scar there as a reminder to always UNPLUG the amp cable in case you trip on the cable while it's still attached to the instrument, even if the guitar is on a stand... to put a nice thumb shaped depression
    image2.jpg image5.jpgimage7.jpg
    And the white wood filler is the work of a complete amateur luthier. It turns out that mahogany is an EXTREMELY soft wood, and while sanding to uncover the entire extent of the crack I managed to leave a nice thumb shaped indentation in the wood... I sanded the repair joint so it's nice and smooth and added the poly plastic wood stuff to level out my thumb depression since I was considering refinishing the area, but I don't have any intentions on selling the guitar, and it feels fine, so I might just leave it this way as a reminder to take care of my crap ;)

    Before I snapped the headstock these were the only real issues, and it was a player so I didn't care. And I know that the DC is a 'Junior' guitar, but damn is it nice and light compared to the old 90's Standard that i'm pretty sure is solid with NO weight relief! I like to think that maybe she growls a bit more now after having her head temporarily chopped off... And it was a complete break, the only thing keeping the headstock 'attached' were the strings! ;)
    image1 (1).jpg
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