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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    May 2019
    The Great North Woods

    2012 LP limited factory darkburst- any owners out there?

    2012 LP limited factory Darkburst guitar -any owners out there?

    Hi there, the time has come to maybe pull the trigger on a big one. and I'm hoping to hear from some owners on their experiences with this run of instruments from Gibson.
    I know there is some controversy over the fretboard construction of some of 2012 but possibly not all 2012 models.
    I'm not particularly familiar with this specific run of instruments. (It can be quit confusing navigating all the variations over the years, that's for damn sure.
    These one's sure our gorgeous!
    2012 LP limited factory Darkburst - who's got one? what can you tell me?

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    Les Paul Forum Member
    Join Date
    May 2018

    Re: 2012 LP limited factory darkburst- any owners out there?

    Well, I had a Trad+ with the laminated fretboard......and it played just like every other gibson with frets on.

    I think most people who were complaining thought it would have had issues with the 2 bits separating or chipping away (in a refretting scenario) or some other such nonsense. Of course this was clearly people with not the first bit of knowledge about glue and how it makes that particular interface stronger than if it was regular grain. And I've not seen fretboards completely tear them selves apart even with an incompetent refretter, let alone with someone who knows what they are doing.
    There are a lot of poeple who merely love to whinge about anything really, and will use any justification to let loose.

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