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    Les Paul Forum Member TM1's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    on the middle & bridge pickup of my L.P. Custom

    Strings Anyone Remember "Nashville Straights" Guitar Strings from the Mid/Late `70's?

    Was wondering what happened to them? They came in a 3' long box and the strings were sealed in a cello type envelope. Sure would love to find a couple of boxes of them.. I use to use them because they lasted a long damn time. they were (duh) straight, not coiled.
    My hobby is collecting vintage strings, so just like to know what happened to them. I use to use them on my Travis Bean Artist guitar in `76-`79 or so..

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    Les Paul Forum Member Bob Womack's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Between Clever and Stupid

    Re: Anyone Remember "Nashville Straights" Guitar Strings from the Mid/Late `70's?

    I remember them. They were a period piece.

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