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    Basswood Les Pauls?

    Hey guys.
    I saw ads for Tokai Les Pauls in a local music store. Only thing that worries me is that it's basswood body, not mahogany and maple neck. It has a good price. Round 300$. I know that they usually make superstrats from basswood with some hot pickups, but i plan to put some PAFs in this. What do you think? Can you get that classic LP sound or would Epiphone be a better choice?

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    Les Paul Forum Member
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    Mar 2008

    Re: Basswood Les Pauls?

    Basswood is an excellent tone wood. Does it have a maple cap? If so it ought to sound great.

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    Les Paul Forum Member sonar's Avatar
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    Jan 2003

    Re: Basswood Les Pauls?

    Makes sense.

    Basswood often trends a little darker than Alder on Strats. Maybe a little more snap on a Gibby?

    Then again, the Maple cap is the main influence on a LP. Might not be that much of a difference.

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    Les Paul Forum Member musekatcher's Avatar
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    Apr 2018
    meridianam altum centralis

    Re: Basswood Les Pauls?

    Any wood can sound good of course. Basswood makes a really responsive guitar. It might make for a really interesting guitar and sound, with or without a maple cap.

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    Les Paul Forum Member ZZ Not's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Live Music Capital

    Re: Basswood Les Pauls?

    I had a LP Studio many years ago that had a basswood body and had as traditional a Les Paul sound as any other I owned. It was nice and light as well.
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