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    First LP Purchase Planned and Need Some Info

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to buy my 1st LP after playing guitar for over 30 years, but it appears that some of the most important information for me is not readily available, so I thought I would ask those with experience.

    I am looking primarily at a used Studio based upon price point ($650-$800), but I am not married to the idea. If I need to spend more to get what I want, I am willing to do so.

    So, my main concern is neck size or thickness. The only LP I have played enough to develop an opinion is a late 90's or early 2000's studio, but that guitar had a thicker neck than what I am interested in. I am on the "smaller" hand size and I find that a thick neck is just not for me. I owned a 1996 Epi Paul - a "standard" top shelf version, but it also had a thicker neck.

    Is there a LP year/model that is known to have a thinner neck profile? I have been reviewing the 2019 models and the reviewers mention thinner neck profile on the Studios, but I don't know if they are actually "thinner" or just thinner than a Standard.

    I plan to shop around and go play what I am interested in, but I live in the country so local options are limited. I will have to travel, so I am hoping to have some criteria when I do my research on what is available.

    Anyways, any guidance on model/year that has a thin for a LP would be appreciated.

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    Re: First LP Purchase Planned and Need Some Info

    If you don't have to have new, check this out, looks to be a pretty good deal and will actually have a thin neck but overall is spec'd most excellently. Not quite all the way down to your price but maybe talk to the person.

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