2011 R8, but it actually has more of a story... not an R9 but it is one.. Prior to this guitar being made, the Custom Shop was making the Don Felder signature R9 Les Pauls that were meant to replicate Felder's 'Burst that he used to record the Eagles Hotel California among others. After some time, they decided to end the run early, even though more guitars were already in production. This is one of those guitars. Gibson painted a black stinger over the back of the headstock to hide the Felder signature serial number, retrofitted an ABR-1 bridge to the Nashville post spacing (Felder's 'Burst was modded to have a Nashville bridge installed on it, so they made the post spacing to fit a Nashville), scraped the R9 from the control cavity, and re-branded the serial numbers as R8s. For this reason, these guitars tend to have really great tops and also have a really great '59 neck profile meant to mimic Felder's 'Burst. Also the color was to match the original and didn't match any of the typical Reissue finishes, they called it Western Desert Fade ("Was Don Felder"), the Gibson Custom Shop verified this verbally and if you want it on paper they said it can be sent back for inspection and documentation. It does have some non-original parts. Martin Six String Customs paper-in-oil caps, JHS custom PAF pickups that sound great in this guitar. It's also got a really nice dark fretboard. Sale includes some tags, the COA, and original top (showing the color and fact that the stinger is original from the factory), Gibson Custom Shop case. The condition is excellent very clean, but it does have a few bumps and bruises from honest play wear nothin major and no rash on the back. Weight is 8.4 lbs, 1st fret: 0.904", 12th fret: 0.946" ***I can send you more pictures to your email or phone if you provide contact. I will pack it up including shipping and insurance from Ontario Canada after payment has cleared you are responsible for your duty and tax if any. No trades thanks.
Price $5500.00