Very, very good condition Gibson Les Paul Goldtop from 1954.

In clean, original condition - only the following has been changed:

1. Re-fretted and nut changed (not a surprise given the age!)
2. Jack socket plate is repro (again not a surprise as they crack)
3. Possible repro tuner tips (possible, it's been checked over by two dealers - one thought they were, one thought they weren't) - the tuners are original, this is just the tips
4. The current bridge and studs are slightly later Gibson ones, again a common mod - since the original bridge can crack. The original bridge (which has not cracked) and studs are pictured and included in the sale
5. At some point both control cavities have been painted with graphite paint
Apart from the above - all is as it should be, this is a very, very good condition (have I said that enough? ;o) ) instrument, sounds great and absolutely impresses everyone who plays it.

Included in the sale is a 5 latch case, absolutely period correct with it's arch top and in excellent, functional condition

If you'd like pictures and more details please let me know by PM.

Located in Central London (UK)