Check out the new non weight relieved LPs at the end of this review of the 2019 lineup. They are Norlinesque at over 10 pounds.. I'm very curious to see how 10.4lb LPs sell.
Of course there are weight relieved LPs too.
I'll bet Gibson doesn't offer 10lb LPs again so get yours now. I like to see that the new Gibson owners aren't shy about going in any direction.

There are some nice guitars for 2019. The red Classic looks super.
I'm trying to get used to the pick guards on the Specials and Jr double cuts but I'm thrilled to see there are DCs in the lineup.
The 2019s are a basic style lineup which I think makes perfect sense business wise.

The pickups offered have been a slight change. The 61R/61T will be seen more.
I'm very glad Gibson still exists in 2019