Don't miss your chance to get this left-handed Hofner 500/1 V62 bass for $1300 - an amazing price! This one is a 125th anniversary limited edition, from a limited run in 2012. See this album for more photos.

The V62 is made in Germany and the closest you can get to Paul McCartney's own Hofner bass. See Hofner's website for specs. All original parts, no mods at all. Comes with Labella flatwound strings for that classic Beatles tone.

V62s normally sell for over $2000 used. Price is $1300 because of some finish checking. While this bass was shipped to me the weather took a cold snap, and it checked in transit. The checking is minor and only apparent in direct sunlight. It has a couple of very small dents as well (only noticeable if you look for them). Otherwise the bass is in great condition and sounds amazing. Comes with a hard case.

I am located in Houston, Texas, and would prefer a local sale within Texas.

I'm selling because I'm moving across the country soon, and want to reduce the stuff I have to cram into my car.