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    Grover tuners on LP traditional

    Hi, does anyone know if these would be a drop in for a Les Paul traditional model (2017/18 model I think)?

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    Re: Grover tuners on LP traditional

    From what I can tell the Grover’s arent a direct drop in and you’d need to expand the holes (which I really don’t want to do) but I’m not sure if that’s the case. What would be good locking tuners that would be a direct drop in?

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    Re: Grover tuners on LP traditional

    The tradional models for those two years come with the “Gibson Deluxe” tuners with the cast body and the front face bushing with the hexagonal nut top. The headstock holes for mounting this original hardware are already the ‘large hole’ ... Grover tuners should be a direct drop in with no modifications needed for the bushing hole.

    I changed my Tradional model tuners to Klusons and needed to use adapter bushings because the stock holes were too large.

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