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    Fret replacement UK

    Evening all

    I've recently acquired a 58 reissue but cannot get on with the skinny frets.

    I could sell it but like the patina - it's had a nitro refinish.

    Would like to refret with 6100 wire.

    Can anyone recommend a UK specialist?

    I believe Knopfler had jumbos put on his 58. Anyone know who did it?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Les Paul Forum Member Yelly's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Cornwall, UK

    Re: Fret replacement UK

    I have had an R9, Lp+, cu24, DGT, sc Trem , strat and tele all refretted by Charlie Chandlers Guitar Experience.
    I happened to have stainless steel on all of them and they all got the plek treatment.
    Faultless work on every single guitar.

    Just make sure you know exactly what you want. In my experience, some people blame the type/size of fret but didn’t research their choices thoroughly enough beforehand.

    Have a look at the Jescar site to see what is available.

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    Les Paul Forum Member zhivago's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    London, UK

    Re: Fret replacement UK

    Another vote for Charlie, he has refretted three of my guitars. Excellent work.
    Guitars: '56 Les Paul Custom, '63 SG/LP Custom, '61 Jazzmaster, '43 000-28, '15 ES-345,
    Amps: Matchless Lightning, Zvex Nano amp
    Pedals: Centaur, BJFE, Analogman, Zvex, Maxon, Way Huge

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    Re: Fret replacement UK

    Charlie is great - but I would always recommend Feline Guitars in Croydon.

    They've done two of my vintage Les Pauls and a similar number of Fenders - top guys and a stunning job

    Charlie or Feline, you won't go wrong

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    Les Paul Forum Member Coda's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    Re: Fret replacement UK

    Jescar Fretwire 57110-S, Stainless Steel. Crown WxH 2.79mm x 1.45mm (0.110" x 0.057"). Equivalent to Dunlop 6100.

    Stainless steel is OUTSTANDiNG. However, a lot of people don't like it ??

    Jescar wire is available from Tonetech (UK).

    Find a Luthier you have total confidence in. Get some sort of commitment on timescale to complete your fret job. Preferably in your lifetime (it can take a long long time)

    Consider including a "Fall-away" region in the high fret area (15th fret onwards). This helps to get buzz-free string bends.

    Install bone nut.
    I've discovered that if I learn a tune and I don't play it for a while, I forget it

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    Les Paul Forum Member Fish Fingers's Avatar
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    Apr 2016

    Re: Fret replacement UK

    Charlie Chandler for me. He's forgotten more stuff about Les Paul than most people will ever want to know.
    Plus he and his staff are fun people to get along with.
    He's just set up a Strat for me. I thought I had got it pretty well spot on.
    It came back a different guitar with the playability and sound just about perfect.

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