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    Les Paul Forum Member GastonG's Avatar
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    Jul 2001

    Apri 1st news: lGibson Custom is doing a "Inspired by Gaston" based on burst 9 0910

    some features:
    - 8 lbs (+- .2oz)
    - pickups: 8K
    - low neckset (can't fit twin thumbwheels under the bridge)
    - thumbwheels in BRASS (finally)
    - brazilian fingerboard (why not...)
    - new redesigned cutaway (main request...)
    - new redesigned aluminium tailpiece using hand file for smoothing the edges before plating (shaped like an old 50's tailpiece)
    - cherry sunburst finish
    - all the 2019 goodies (plastic parts, knobs, Luxe capacitors etc.)
    - factory strunged for lefty players (can be strunged for righties for an extra charge...)
    - toggle switch backplate "GG" hand engraved by Gaston
    - metal jackplate as on the 2009 Pearly Gates model !

    Happy april fools day ya'all !

    Last edited by GastonG; 04-01-19 at 06:21 PM.
    Marshall & Les Paul or Bluesbreaker & Beano burst
    "sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
    très bien ensemble" (as in "Michelle" by The Beatles)

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